5 Benefits of Outsourced Small Business Bookkeeping Services in Wilmington, NC

5 Benefits of Outsourced Small Business Bookkeeping Services in Wilmington, NC

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Accurate bookkeeping is an essential part of effectively managing and growing your business. Unfortunately, most small business owners think of it as a chore to be done during the little time they have left at the end of the work week. Many do not realize that a solid bookkeeping system is the foundation of your company’s growth and success. Between operating your business, marketing your business, and spending time with family and friends finding the time to keep your financial records up to date is a daunting task.

Here are just a few examples of the benefits you will receive from hiring a well-functioning outsourced small business bookkeeping service.

Better Manage Expenses:

A proper bookkeeping system will accurately track your expenses. By being able to see your total expenses, you will have the opportunity to see if you are going over your budget. A good bookkeeping system will make sticking to your budget much easier and by better managing your expenses you can properly increase efficiency and improve cash flow.

Accurate Taxes and Maximized Deductions:

Accounting is one of the more complicated areas of business, with many rules and regulations. By putting your financial information in the right expert’s hands, you can be assured that you are getting everything done correctly and in a timely manner. Poor tracking of your income and expenses makes it difficult for even the best tax accountants to prepare your taxes accurately and on time. If the government realizes that your company overestimated its expenses, there will be some high financial costs to bear.

You can save money:

Many small business owners find it surprising that outsourcing is the most cost-effective solution for anyone’s business. Employing a bookkeeper in-house can be expensive. That cost does not only involve salary, but includes other costs such as employer payroll taxes, workers compensation, medical insurance, retirement plans and other employee benefits. Your business would also be saving the time and money to test and train an employee. By hiring a bookkeeper you will save lost productivity costs, and can instead use that money to benefit your business.


Unless you have an accounting background, it is likely that you will make a few mistakes if you attempt it yourself or allow a non-expert to do the job. Only a few minor mistakes can turn out to be extremely costly to the business, especially if it violates a law or over extends the businesses budget. A fully trained and certified bookkeeper has the skills and knowledge that you can utilize to your best advantage. Outsourcing your bookkeeping will give you full access to an expert who will be up to date on regulatory requirements and will be fully able to make sure the job is done correctly. By putting your books into the hands of a highly skilled bookkeeper, your job becomes a whole lot easier and effective.

Save Time:

Small business owners have many responsibilities. It should be a priority to assure that you can prepare documents or simply find information quickly. Many skilled outsourced bookkeepers specialize in financial management software such as QuickBooks, which can display the age and customer detail information into easy to read summaries that would otherwise take hours to compile in paper form. Outsourcing your payroll can free up a huge amount of valuable time that can be used in other aspects of advancing your business.

Poor financial management is one of the most popular reasons for small businesses failing. What most small business owners don’t realize is that outsourcing bookkeeping is a useful management tool that will save a business time and money while preventing potential failure. When you outsource to the right bookkeeper it can be the difference between simply surviving in business, and profitable success. If you are looking to outsource bookkeeping services in Wilmington, NC, give us a call at 910.338.1198 or send us an email. We’d love to connect with you today!

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